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We are not about quick fixes and there are no 'magic pills' when it comes to problem behaviour, but we do deliver easy-to-understand training that you can put in place quickly to get genuine life-changing results.

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Just Some of Our Happy Clients

We are Jo & Graham, dog behaviour specialists and Trainers with over 15+ years' experience in dog behaviour and 30+ years in dog training. This wealth of experience enables us to tailor our services to suit each dog and owner.

Like most Dog Trainers, we didn't become interested in dog training because we owned perfect dogs. I got interested in seeking training solutions when I couldn't walk a dog I had been given without him trying to pull me over, and Graham got into training because I kept on bringing home dogs that needed help!

We know that Dog ownership is fun, but it can also be so frustrating if you have doggy problems.

Calmer Canine Training is the top choice for dog owners, just like you, who are seeking an experienced Trainer and Dog Behaviour Specialist with proven training results.

We offer bespoke dog training and behaviour packages designed to suit you and your family, so whatever your training needs and challenges, we have a perfect solution for you and your dog.

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Why Clients Choose Us

Jo, our Head Trainer.

So, if you're finding yourself embarrassed by a lunging or barking dog at the end of a lead... overwhelmed by crazy puppy biting and toilet training chaos...or frustrated with an out-of-control adolescent who runs off, jumps up and digs up your garden...

We know exactly how that feels! Not only do we totally understand it, more importantly, WE CAN HELP.

We are very experienced in dealing with dog fears, anxiety, and reactivity, aggression to dogs and people, resource guarding of food, items, and people (also called possession aggression) and separation anxiety, as well as general manners and obedience, lead walking, jumping, puppy management and adolescent training.

Our passion in life is our own dogs and the fostering and rehabilitation of Dogs for English Springer Spaniel Welfare and other Dog Charities in our home. Because we actively train, we know the importance of quick-to-implement training and management so we can all enjoy living in harmony with our dogs. We love nothing more than going to the coast and countryside exploring and adventuring with all our dogs and our idea of bliss is a coffee at a café on a sunny day. We want our dog owners to be able to enjoy the lifestyle you want with your dog as well.

Supporting You and Your Dog

Calmer Canine Training

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Our results-based behaviour training resolves puppy problems, calms unruly adolescents and tackles fearful, reactive and aggressive behaviours.

London's Top-rated 
Dog Training & Behaviour Specialists

5/5 based on over 400 trusted reviews


Leading qualified dog and puppy behaviour specialists

Over 30 years training experience with a high treatment success rate

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How does your dogs behaviour make you feel?

- Do you feel embarrassed or frustrated when your dog drags you up the road and refuses to listen to you?

- Is your lovely new puppy much harder than you ever imagined and your patience wearing thin? 

- Does your dog lose their mind when people or dogs appear and growl, bark, lunge or even try to run away?

Maybe you’ve been through classes already, but every time the lead is off, so is your dog!

- Is your dog chasing after joggers, running children, anything with wheels, cats or even after smaller dogs?

- Is it stressful every time the door rings? Are visitors something you fear to have because your dog jumps up, knocks things out of their hands or even worse, barks at and even tries to nip or bite them?

- Are you confused by all the conflicting advice and just want to know the quickest and easiest way to fix it?  


Your dog listening to you no matter what the distractions are. 

- The pleasure of being complimented on good behaviour as your dog relaxes at home and in public places.

- The freedom of going on an urban walk with your dog and stopping at a café for a drink.

- The confidence to go to a country park, let your dog off the lead and your dog coming back when called. 

- No more chaos as your dog calmly greets visitors and then chooses to go and relax. 

- No more worry as your dog waits calmly to get out of the car or to go out of the front door.

- Being able to go out knowing that your dog is comfortable being left at home.  


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Our Most Popular Training Options

Our 1:1 puppy programs sorts out any problems and sets you and your puppy up for a great life together!

Our  comprehensive 1:1 training programs are perfect for teenage tearaways and rescue dogs with limited or even no training.

Our expert 1:1 behaviour programs are designed for dogs and puppies showing nervous, reactive or aggressive behaviour.

Dog Training

Behaviour Training

Puppy Training

Top-Rated puppy and dog training and behaviour specialists.

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Group Walks

Separation Anxiety

We Train For You

Too overwhelmed or too busy to try and train your puppy or dog yourself? We can train your dog in your home or jump-start training with us followed by 1:1 coaching. 

Our specialist 1:1 training gives you the support needed to work through a structured plan that will enable your dog or puppy to be happy home alone.

We offer structured walks where owners of reactive dogs can practice in the company of other dogs and their owners.

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In fact we have over 400 happy client success stories.  
Here are a few recent video testimonials that our clients have very kindly given us...

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Jo Milgrew PG Cert, BA (Hons), CPDT-KA

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